Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Arriving at Multicultural City

My favourite thing about the food scene in the GTA is the readily available mountain of affordable, high quality(well...high quality taste), ethnic food.  My usual go to is Sushi, but on the afternoon of reuniting with one of my closest friends, we decided to go for something a little different: middle eastern.

Me Va Me is a small chain that just opened up a new location in Thornhill Woods. This location has a classier decor so we ventured up the road for this festive occasion. They had a new menu addition since the last time I had been there: hummus plates, so I decided to be adventurous and ordered the hummus with grilled mushrooms. Rachel ordered the classic chicken kebabs, with salad and rice.

The salad came out first and being very generous, Rachel shared some of it with me. It is topped with shredded carrots and beets over a mixed green and cucumber salad. It is all moderately covered in a nice light dressing. The vegetables are always fresh and they don't over do it on the dressing. This is probably my favourite house salad in the city.

Next the main courses arrived. I had a generous portion of both hummus and mushrooms

Hummus and Grilled Mushroom Plate
 The hummus was a little too creamy, and didn't have as much texture as  I would have liked (considering that they claim fame for their hummus). It was not quite as good as the infamous Hummus Bros in the UK. Despite the texture the taste was still great, and I'm sure it would be even better on a pita that I unfortunately had to pass up (no Gluten Free option). There were three different kinds of mushrooms which was very exciting for us hobbit like folk, and a few grilled onions tossed in to the mix.

If I was hungry I would still opt for the Chicken or Lamb kebabs over the hummus plate, but if you're just looking for something light and fresh the Hummus plate is a great option.  The place is almost always full of locals and  provides a laid back environment, great for reconnecting with old friends. Seating gets a little crowded though, so I wouldn't recommend a first date!

Gluten Free: Many options but you have to forgo the free pita at the start
Dairy Free: Many options as well, just ask about sauces

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