Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Into a sea of doubts

As we drove from Twillingate towards St. John's, munching on some fries and gravy we had picked up from a truck at the side of the road, I began to despair. Sure, we had eaten our fair share of greasy, deep fried, vegetable-less meals, but I still wasn't satisfied. St. John's, holding a quarter of the population of the entire island, loomed with fine culinary establishments of the new world- how would I find my overly deep fried and salted fish here? Should I just give up now and get something tasty? Maybe even some vegetables? At first that seemed likely, because we stumbled upon a little cafe and bakery called The Rocket. I started with their soup of the day- potato leek. You may not really think of potatoes as a nutritious gem, but it was a vegetable and that was good enough for me! Soup (along with fries) is one of my favourite foods, and this soup was no exception. Not too thick but not too thin, not to salty but full of flavour, this soup was just right.

We were taking an easy day, hanging out in the cafe, catching up on some emails, working on our blog, reading, etc. and so after a couple hours I wanted more, but what? To my delight and surprise they had a flour-less chocolate brownie! And only $2.00!

I love flour-less chocolate cake because it is a mixture of everything good. Fudge like consistency, and taste of a chocolate cake and chocolate bar all mixed into one. I also had a lovely almond tea to balance the sweetness. My friend caught me licking the paper after it was gone, we locked eyes and began to laugh, but only another gluten free-bee could understand my joy at a delicious, non-pain inducing, desert. 

Gluten Free: yes!
Dairy Free: maybe...

The Rocket can be found at 272 Water St. St John's, NFLD

Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food on Urbanspoon

Later that day we decided on a world famous fish and chips joint for dinner- Ches's Fish and Chips. We were a little tipsy heading into the restaurant and ordered some fancy cocktails to start. As I sipped on my drink and read through the menu my hope began to return- fries with gravy and stuffing, deep fried cod tongues, battered cod and chips; in fact, most things on the menu were fishy and deep fried, with barely a vegetable in sight! Unfortunately they were all out of cod tongues so I settled for the fish and chips with fries and gravy (my staple food of the trip). The food was greasy but delicious. The fries did not disappoint, and I am beginning to think Newfoundland could give Quebec a run for their money in the Poutine department. The fish was perfectly cooked and the breading was probably worth it, though it fell apart quite a bit. Nevertheless, I had faith renewed, we still had a long day of driving ahead, and what are road trips for if not for eating and greasy highway joints!?

no, those shiny bits are not the reflected light.
Gluten Free: nope
Dairy Free: yes!
Ches's Famous Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon

Ches's can be found at 9 Freshwater Road, St. John's, NFLD

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