Friday, 20 July 2012

Summerlicious Part 2: Creme Brasserie

"We're going to be late"
"Why is there so much traffic"
"I'm so hungry"
"Why is there so much traffic"

Rachel and I wove in and out of traffic trying to make our reservation at Creme Brasserie in Yorkville. Neither of us had eaten breakfast and were absolutely starving, so it was to our utter relief that we arrived 20 minutes late with no problems getting a table. Thank God for lunchtime sittings. We had both reviewed the menu pretty extensively online and had a pretty good idea of what we wanted but...

Game Changer: They actually outlined the gluten free options on the menu! Foolishly, I stuck with my original choice, not sure what was going to be glutinous in a cold tomato and lump crab soup. This was a choice for which I alone paid the price. The watermelon and feta was gluten free and looked like a fab choice for any future diners wondering.

Before our appetizers arrived they brought some bread and hummus over to the table. Rachel is allergic to sesame seeds and I cannot eat wheat, so we made perfect dining companions; Rachel eating all of the bread, and me shoveling spoonfuls of hummus into my face. I think this may be the best hummus I have had on this continent (sorry, Me Va Me) It had texture to it, and wasn't just a creamy spread like the hummus you get in the grocery store, and it had a hearty helping of garlic and lemon.

For the main I had the Striped Bass which was covered in a garlicy butter sauce and served with asparagus. This choice was Gluten Free, though unfortunately not dairy free adding to the pain already mentioned. I'm not going to go ahead and say it was worth it, but it was some of the best fish I've ever had, and I came from the east coast!

There were no options for gluten free deserts so I just had the berries without the sauce. This was a very small cup of berries, and a pretty boring desert, but probably for the best considering all the butter I had just consumed.

Overall I was impressed with the healthy choices at this restaurant. All of the deserts were fruit based, and most of the appetizers were vegetable based, the mains were chicken, fish and vegetarian options and the portion sizes were representative of healthy serving sizes. The staff were also very concerned with our food allergies, so this is definitely a safe place for the food sensitive diner!

Chilled tomato, lump crab and avocado soup

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